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HYPNOSIS works with the mind which has two general parts- the Conscious and Subconscious. The Conscious mind is our THINKING MIND. It controls our will power, short term memory, logical thinking and critical thinking which amounts to 10% of the brains activity. The Subconscious is our FEELING MIND. It contains our beliefs, emotions, habits, values, protective reactions, body function, long term memory, imagination, and intuition which amounts to 90% of the brains activity. If the conscious mind finds it difficult to change anything, it is because there is a conflict with the subconscious mind . When there is a conflict...the FEELING MIND ALWAYS WINS... because it is a million times more powerful. Hypnosis has the ability to access that power.

Hypnosis is very natural to us. We experience it when daydreaming, when focusing on TV, or when driving down the road. Clinical hypnosis is guided purposeful hypnosis. It is an effective tool to access the subconscious mind to rewrite previous programing that interferes with realizing your desires. Optimize your efforts for Positive change by adding the tool of Hypnosis.

Some common applications are:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss and Eating Disorders
  • Improvement of Athletic Performance
  • Self-destructive Habits and Addictions
  • Past Life Regression
  • Strengthening Self Confidence

Terry Peabody has been a Certified Hypnotist with National Guild of Hypnotists since 2015. Her background is in nursing and has worked in many areas of the nursing field. She was first introduced to hypnosis during a rotation in OB/GYN back in 1970 where she witnessed a C-section done under hypnosis as the only form of anesthesia. She has remained intrigued with the many useful applications of hypnosis for decades and decided to pursue her certification in order to further her ability to help others outside of the mainstream medical culture. Terry is a long-term resident of the Fenton, Michigan area and raised her four children whom still reside in the Fenton area with their own families. She is married to Denny Dunfield and together they have blended two families and enjoy spending time with them, to include 9 grandchildren. When she is not serving her clients, she enjoys yoga, skiing, walking, spending time on the lake, reading, spending time with friends and family and expanding her knowledge base and experiences. She feels really fortunate to have a sacred healing space to work out of that was created by her daughter, Dr. Erica Peabody, called Café of LIFE Chiropractic at the Center for Well-Being in the heart of downtown Fenton.


Center for Well-Being

202 W Shiawassee

Fenton, MI 48430



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